Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elle Beauty Box 2015 Unboxing (Video) #ELLEBEAUTYWEEK

Every year ELLE magazine holds ELLE Beauty Week in Mumbai & later Delhi, it's a week of fabulous discounts on salons & spas, the perfect excuse to spoil yourself! Also, the early birds who register quickly get an exclusive Elle Beauty Box! I didn't manage to get the box last year but this year I did, so I made an unboxing video to show you the contents & give you my two cents!

→ Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria (Fragrance)

Unfortunately you cannot currently get the box but when ELLE Beauty Week rolls round next year be quick & you'll manage to score a sweet box of goodies like this.


Busting Shaving Myths | Shaving Leaves Skin Dry & Flaky #SubscribeToSmooth

I recently wrote about the Gillette Venus Blogger Meet & taking the #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge in which I'll be shaving for a month & hopefully busting some myths along the way.

If you're a causal reader here, you probably think just because I am a fashion / beauty blogger I am always perfectly neat + groomed. Well, you're wrong. I do like experimenting but I'm as lazy as they come. I usually wear jeans so I don't bother keeping my legs hair-free all the time (ooops, was I not supposed to say that?) but then one day I'll want to wear a dress so razors are perfect for that.

Shaving Leaves Skin Dry & Flaky is probably one of the more popular myths associated with shaving. How much does it hold true? Not at all! Shaving is pretty topical so it will not change your skin in any way, it won't moisturize it or dry it out! You should of course, make sure that you aren't pressing down very hard as the blade is just supposed to glide over your skin. Gillette Venus comes with cushions & a handy indicator to know when it's time to change your blade!

In fact, shaving does help your skin a little bit by stripping off the top layer of dead skin, leaving it smoother than before. Of course, you should moisturise your skin regularly, irrespective of hair removal just to keep it well hydrated!

I'm going to continue using the range & will continue to share my experience here as well.

You can check the Gillette Venus App to read more about shaving. You can also buy the Gillette Venus range online - Razor // Cartridge // Combo.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet My Mom | The Mom Tag Video

When on my trip through Coimbatore with mom I got her to sit down with me & do 'the mom tag' a popular YouTube tag where she has to answer 17 questions about... me?! Anyway it was super fun to do & mother's day was the perfect time to post it.
You can watch the video above (I did include a few childhood pictures too!) & do let me know what you think! I'm thinking of including my mom in more videos so do let me know is there is anything in particular you'd like to see on my channel - I love requests!