Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Balance

If you are a person who is very active, you need to buy high quality sneakers to protect your feet. This is especially true if you do a lot of running. However, all running shoes are not created equal. They vary widely in terms of the quality and materials with which they are made. Therefore, you need to take some time and shop around before you finally settle on a pair of running shoes. Failure to do the necessary research could result in you causing an injury to your feet that may prevent you from walking correctly. Here are some tips you can use to buy your next pair of running shoes.

1. Test out the shoes
If you are thinking about buying womens New Balance shoes, or any other type of running shoes, you need to give them a thorough test run before you leave the store. This is so you can find out if the shoes truly fit your feet. If you wait until you get home to try them and you find they do not fit correctly, some stores may not take them back. However, other stores may give you a refund if they have no visible damage. The idea is to find a shoe that provides total comfort, so do not settle for anything less than that. If any part of your feet feels strained or squished into the shoe in any way, try a bigger size. If your foot slides around in the shoe, you should go with a smaller size.

2. Width and length are important
Make sure you buy a shoe that is roughly half a size too long. This is because running causes your foot to slide forward, so you want to avoid hitting your toes on the front of the shoe. Also, get one with a decent width so the sides of your feet do not get irritated.

3. Buy more than one pair
Many people spend a long time finding the perfect pair of shoes, but when they go looking for another pair a year later, they often find the model they want has been discontinued. This is why it is a good idea to buy several pairs of a shoe once you find one that you really like. 

4. Sizes differ by brand
Keep in mind that a size 10 in one brand may be slightly smaller than a size 10 in a different brand. This is why you should give many different brands a try.

Salon Services Offered

Before you open a salon, you might want to think about the services that you want to offer. Many Portland Oregon hair salons perform more services than simply washing or styling the hair of customers. When you think about salon services, you need to think about the area where the business will be open. There will likely be people in the city that might not want the luxurious services like stone massages or elegant manicures. If you offer something that customers aren’t able to afford, then you will probably see a decrease in your business. However, if you offer specials and take the time to listen to the needs of your customers, you can grow a thriving business. 

The typical services offered at a hair salon include washing and drying the hair, styling and coloring. Make sure you have all of the proper equipment that you need for the services that you will perform. You might want to consider skin care treatments, such as waxing or tanning. Nail care is another common service that you will find in most salons. If you have several manicure and pedicure stations set up, then you need to have enough employees to care for the people who want the service.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Jewellery | Sparkly Baubles from Minawala

Founded in 1982, Minawala has grown to be one of India's most recognisable names when it comes to diamond jewellery. A few weeks ago I was invited to their cute little two-storey Turner Road store to have a look at some of their current pieces.
Minawala doesn't make gold jewellery, but they are known for their stunning diamond jewellery inlaid with precious stones.
I loved the range of styles they have here- from wedding jewellery to bold, cocktail pieces to fun bracelets with coral (such as the two below), they truly have something for every age & occasion. How gorgeous would this amethyst bracelet look for an evening out?!With the amount of diamonds used in some of these pieces, the prices are kept surprisingly affordable - so you still get the design & quality backing of a very reputed brand without paying through your nose. The earrings above where one of my favorite pieces from the entire collection. The teardrop shaped stone (rubies & emeralds) is removable, so you can have just one pair of earrings (with both sets of stones) & they seem like two pairs. They can be either red or green, or if you're feeling adventurous you can wear them  like how they're displayed - mix & match!

I really liked the collections at Minawala & if you're shopping for precious jewellery in the near future, they're definitely worth checking out!

I visited the store at Turner Road, Bandra but they also have one in Haji Ali (Mumbai) as well as stores in Delhi & Bangalore! You can 'like' them on facebook to be updated with their latest collections.

Minawala Jewellers, 3, Saqib, Turner Road, Next to Tavaa Restaurant, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400050.