Thursday, November 20, 2014

Video | Vans x The Beatles Sk-8 Hi Reissue Unboxing

If you know even a little bit about me you'll know that I'm crazy about any fashion inspired by music! Watch me unbox these beauties from the Vans limited edition collaboration with The Beatles, they really are some of the most gorgeous hi-tops I have ever seen! And of course, don't forget to subscribe to be notified when I have a new video out (I'm running a giveaway on my YouTube channel right now!)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A day at Spa La Vie, Mumbai

Most of you must be familiar with the French brand L'Occitane (pronounced LOX-EE-TAHN) but did you know that they also have spas around the world? Their Mumbai outpost, Spa La Vie is an 8,000 sqft Mediterranean luxury spa in Lower Parel. With an expansive area at their disposal, the spa is Mumbai’s largest day spa and also Mumbai’s first true international day spa.
A couple of weeks ago I was invited to visit Spa La Vie & since it's not very far from Lower Parel station, I decided to walk there as I figured that a nice brisk walk was a good precursor to a massage. The Spa itself is a freestanding building located just off a quite cul-de-sac. I loved all the beautiful natural light streaming into the entryway through the glass. I met with the people at the reception who gave me a form to fill out detailing my lifestyle choices & any health concerns I may have. I then met the therapist who would be doing my treatment that day, she was warm & friendly & brought me a honey, ginger, lime & holy basil (tulsi) tea, a combination known to detoxify along with a cool, wet towel. When I was done with the filling & sipping, she came with another tray for me to change out of my Keds into Osho chappals & then I was led to my room upstairs.

I opted for the Relaxing Aromachologie massage, a full body massage that used Swedish strokes, Chinese acupressure & Balinese massage techniques to stimulate circulation & relieve tension. The main essential oils used were Lavender, tea tree & geranium, a combination I knew I would love as soon as I heard it.
My room was wonderfully decorated & created the perfect ambiance for the relaxing massage that was to follow.  I was provided a safe cabinet to keep all my belongings & asked to change into disposal undergarments & a bath robe.

I was asked to lie face down on the massage table while the area was spritzed with lavdender pillow mist, one of my favorite products from their range. I asked the therapist to concentrate on my neck & upper back, as that's where I carry all my tension thanks to long hours spend hunched over my laptop in bed.
I remember thinking at the start of my massage that I'm glad I had a good sleep the night before, otherwise I would surely nod off during the massage & nevertheless towards the end of it, I dozed off anyway, let that be a testament to how relaxing it was.
After my hour long massage was over I was given the option of taking a shower or bath but my therapist suggested I don't so the oils have a chance to get absorbed.

The face of one very relaxed girl

I got changed & then took a quick tour of the unoccupied rooms at the spa, & am now seriously considering gifting my parents a couple's massage on their wedding anniversary in two months (silver jubilee, baby!)
I then said goodbye to the lovely folks at the spa & booked an uber for my trip back home (if you haven't tried uber yet, click that link to get your first ride free. It's the best!)
I absolutely loved the experience & for me the only deterrant to going more often would be the price, as a luxury spa it's on the steep side. But you get what you pay for & I'd wholeheartedly recommend the place to anyone, perfect to #treatyoself!

You can read more about Spa La Vie on their website & also keep up with their updates on facebook & twitter.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Eyeglasses | Happster Eyewear Home Try On REVIEW

If you're new to this blog, I mention here time & again that I am a spectacle wearer (bespectacled person?) & today I'm talking about a wonderful new Indian spectacle / sunglasses website called Happster. I've talked about a few different websites that sell spectacles & sunglasses online but this one is pretty different.
Happster was founded in June 2014 to bridge an important gap. Designer glasses cost around ₹25,000 in India. Cheaper frames are available, but made with cheap material too. Happster doesn't have thousands of frames like some websites. But what they do have is a small selection of handpicked frames, all good looking & available in a few different finishes. A pair of glasses costs ₹5,999 on Happster - they're all Italian Acetate with Polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection.
But the biggest thing that sets them apart, is the Home trial. I've come across brands like Warby Parker & Lookmatic in the USA that do home trials, but we didn't have something like that here, until now! All of the glasses have a detailed page with many product as well as model photos & measurements. You can pick 4 pairs, have them delivered home for free, try them out for a couple of days (maybe ask your social media friends to help you choose the best looking pair for your face? Any excuse for selfies ;)) & pick your favorite one. The demo frames will be collected & your favorite one will be fitted with your power & sent to you. The price of lenses & delivery is all included in the frame price, you don't have to pay any additional cost!

Happster Eyewear India Home Try OnI was very excited to pick out my four pairs! They come in this cute book shaped cardboard box, which comes in an additional box. Inside, all four frames come in velvet drawstring pouches. I loved the attention to detail, I guess the folks at Happster are big fans of the Beatles. Now, time to try them on!

The Charrids was my favorite design, as evidenced by the fact that I asked for them in two different colors. They really were as beautiful as I thought they would be in person, especially Coffee Fade. But sadly they were a little loose for me (I have that problem with many eyeglasses & sunglasses, guess I have a smaller than average face!) Finally decided to go with the Felrow because it looked nice & fit well too. There will be a follow up post with my new Happster glasses soon, look out for that.

Do you wear glasses? They also have sunglasses in basically the same frames, but with different, tinted lenses. Are you going to request a home try on from Happster? Let me know!