Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tech | Voonik Fashion App

Voonik, a prominent online shopping platform has just released their new app. Since there are so few useful fashion related apps I was quite excited to take this for a spin.When you first open the app, you're taken through a quick four question quiz to understand your style & body type, this will help the app suggest clothes that suit you.
Suggestions are presented to you in a very neat flow that works similar to famous dating app tinder. You see pictures & a price... like it? Choose the ♥. Don't like it? Go with ✕.Or, you could just do the more fun thing & swipe left to skip, right to like.
All the items you've liked are subsequently stored for you, & you can be automatically alerted if any of the items you liked goes on sale.

One of the biggest strengths of the app, other than the personalisation is the fact that you are not restricted to one website. Voonik brings you shopping suggestions from many different websites, more variety = always better! You can also choose to browse according to the type of garment. Whether you're looking for salwar kameezes, a crop top or a pair of black slingbacks you're bound to find one here.
To me it's a godsent especially in the monsoon's when it's too icky to actually venture out of your home to shop (& why should you when you can get what you want at your doorstep, am I right?
I've always been an outspoken advocate for online shopping in general & this app makes browsing & shopping even more convenient & fun.

You can visit the Voonik website & download the app on the play store. Have you tried the Voonik fashion app? What are your thoughts on it?


Monday, July 14, 2014

Natives Shoes | Perfect Footwear for the Mumbai Monsoons

Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes, but made with the lightest & most comfortable material available.
Native Shoes is footwear for anybody, anywhere, anytime.
Native Shoes have come to India in the last couple of months & I am so glad to have them in my life. They're washable, waterproof & odor resistant (not to mention cruelty free).
They're sort of like the crocs I've had for years, except much cuter & comfier.
I've been using the Native Verona in limited edition Botanical print. The full range is available on flipkart & guess what, there's mens shoes too!
Internationally they are marketed for the summers & the beach but here in Mumbai they are absolutely perfect for the heavy monsoons. They're easy enough to put on the holes in the front and back make sure water doesn't collect inside the shoe. It stays very securely on the my feet yet I can slip them off in a few seconds when I want to.
They might not be the cheapest pair of shoes but after using them heavily for the last few weeks I can say that I am happy to shell out a little cash on shoes that make my life easier. And I know that these will last me at least 3-4 monsoons (although I will be very tempted to wear them any time of the year).
Natives Shoes India can also be found on facebook.

These photos were taken on my recent trip to Goa, you can see a video of my trip (& my natives in action!) here.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Finding the right Athletic Outfit

Making the decision to improve one’s mind and body with athletic exercises is a wise choice. Motivation and determination are two of the most crucial elements for success. Another element that is important for success is choosing the right attire. A person cannot engage in strenuous activity without wearing the appropriate clothing. The following are tips for choosing the right athletic attire:

Choosing the Right Tops
The type of shirt that a person chooses for exercise is extremely important because it can help to keep his or her body temperature at a safe level. Anyone who is going to be lifting weights or performing vigorous cardiovascular exercises will want to consider purchasing a tank-top shirt. Tank-top shirts allow air to get to the chest and help cool the person who is exercising. Short sleeve shirts are acceptable, as well. Cotton is the best short-sleeve shirt to wear because of its breathability.

Persons who are involved in an extreme weight loss plan may want to purchase a hoodie because it will promote sweating during the workout session. An interested person can find exercise tops at his or her local department store or discount outlet.

Choosing the Right Bottoms
An athletic person can use any bottoms that are not denim or corduroy for athletics. Cotton shorts are amazing for keeping the body cool. Spandex pants are excellent for showing off curves and contours. Some athletes and gym enthusiasts like to purchase shorts because they expose their legs. A person can literally watch his or her progress by looking at the tone of the legs every week. Exercise bottoms accompany exercise shirts in the local department store. Online vendors also offer a wide variety of gym clothing.

Choosing the Right Shoes
A person’s shoes are crucial to his or her success at the gym or on the court. They provide stability, strength and fashion that person needs for stamina and endurance. The kind of sneakers that a person purchases depends on the sport. Running shoes are specifically or runners, tennis shoes are for tennis players and so forth. The best way to search for exercise sneakers is by visiting a retailer and searching for sneakers with beneficial features. is an example of a store that offers gym and fitness shoes. Once the person finds the proper attire, then he or she will enjoy exercise much more than before.