Sunday, February 27, 2011

The difference between Oxfords & Brogues

Oxfords & Brogues became popular footwear for women recently, people started using the words oxfords & brogues interchangeably. Which is completely wrong, because they are two different types of footwear. I was confused a little at first too, but now I know the difference so I thought I would share.
Oxfords are those that have an enclosed lace up detailing. Basically, oxfords are often plain. Brogues on the other hand are actually oxfords with details called “wing tip.” The wing tip is the design which forms a “W” on the toecap of the shoe. What makes it different from an oxford is that it has dotted details or what they call "brogue detailing."
These are oxfords.
Jeffrey Campbell Meow.
Available in a host of different colors/patterns & I am lusting after them in pink suede!
Image: Solestruck.
These are brogues. Notice the 'wing tip' design on these.
Image: Asos.
These are my Bata shoes. Neither Oxfords nor Brogues but Ballerina Flats.
Just put them here to show you the brogue-style stitch on the front.
Yes, it's that simple! Don't go confusing the two any longer.

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PS: I have already purchased two pairs of oxfords & they will be arriving in a while. Can't wait to show them to you guys! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A mini Vero Moda, Bata & Landmark haul

A few days ago I went to see the movie I Am Number Four. Anyway, the cinema was in a mall & afterwards we (mom & me) decided to roam a little. First stop was Landmark. It's a popular book/ stationary/ music/ toy store. I looked around a little & this is what I chanced upon:
You know how much I love pinbacks! So I got these. A South Park one (to add to to my SP t-shirt & bag), KISS (70's rock bands were awesome!!), Spongebob (not a big fan but I liked his expression!) =D & of course Green Day! I added these to my growing collection (I have 13 including these, not counting some that my dad took :) I also have one lapel pin). These came in super cute individual packs & were quite inexpensive.
Later on we went to get some food! Haha I am getting better at grocery shopping or at marketing (as the non english speakers call it here).
Later on when mom went to get us some food I wandered into Vero Moda (I was wearing my I 80s pinback & that kept setting off the metal detectors!) I had gone to the huge Linking Road Vero Moda outlet during the sale but I didn't fine anything I liked. Now too, the clothes were pretty but most were large & besides I wasn't really looking for clothes. But I did find something:
I absolutely love this bracelet (from their Spring collection). Afin de bohème! (not too sure about that French, do correct me if I'm wrong). It fits nicely on my wrist, not like some which hang loose. I love the multicolored beads too. Totally awesome.
Next, on the way back we stopped at Bata. Bata is an Italian brand but it feels so Indian. It has been a part of everyone's life at some time or the other. I stopped shopping there a few years ago but their collections were just too boring. But now they're revamping, they're shoes look more stylish & they make bags too!
I got these simple brown ballerina flats. I tried them on, but I think they're a little too snug (I can be silly like that!) But I love them. Especially the brogue-style stitch on the front. They're the business casual type but I'm  getting them for a formal even where I'll have to move about a lot. Heels won't do!
And the last but not the least, these were waiting for me when I got back.
I had ordered them online & they arrived. Both books are by Ruskin Bond, my all time favorite author. The first is Susanna's Seven Husbands the book that the Bollywood movie Saat Khoon Maaf was based on. (click the film to read my review of it).

That's all I bought that day... not so much compared to some other days but not bad nonetheless.
This is kinda like my first haul post, so do tell me what you think... Like? Dislike? Let me know.
Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! Last date for entries is March 9th & it's open worldwide.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Note: This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here.
Hello my dear readers & friends. It's finally time for the giveaway I mentioned a while ago.
I had been searching for something to give away for a while to thank all the people who read & comment on this blog. It wasn't too easy, because I knew I wanted something where the size didn't matter, and something that would be easy to ship anywhere in the world. (I wanted to giveaway some make up, but I know some countries don't allow liquids).
So here's what one lucky person can win!

1. Aldo Polka Dotted Bow Hairband (cloth)
2. Set of Multi Colored Hairpins
3. Chictopia 1" Rose Pinback Button

I know that this might not be the most generous giveaway but I feel happy giving it away because I paid for this stuff myself! :)

Ways to enter (You do not need to be a blogger to enter!):
Mandatory Entries: (If you don't do these two, none of the other entries will count).

Additional Entries:
  • Follow this blog via Bloglovin'
  • Follow me on twitter: @magali_c
  • Tweet about this giveaway by clicking here. (You have to tweet by clicking there for it to count). & then tell me you did.
  • Subscribe to my channel on youtube (erm, there's nothing there now but I plan to put stuff up soon!)
  • Blogroll this blog & tell me you did.
  • Put the above giveaway image in your blog sidebar & link to this post. (Blogs made solely for the purpose of this giveaway will not count).
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So, if you enter in all the ways you can get a total of 10 entries. You  can do as few or are as many as you like. Please note, do not leave multiple comments but just one comment in this format-

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Blogged about the giveaway? Yes/No (If yes, then please provide a link to the post).
Put a link in your Facebook page? Yes/No (if yes then please give me a link to the post).

Rules & Other Stuff:
  1. This giveaway will end on 9th of March at 11:59 PM IST (IST is GMT +5:30)
  2. Open Internationally
  3. Please do not leave more than one comment per person, additional comments will not qualify.
  4. Please do not leave your email in the comment. Because then the posts become spam magnets. If you win, I will try contacting you to Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment on your blog.
  5. I will pick out a winner on 10th of March, 9:00 PM IST via a Random number generator. I will announce the winner then and try to get in touch. The winner will have 48 hours after I have announced to contact me and claim the prize, or I will choose another winner.
  6. I will probably send this out by registered airmail. I will retain proof of postage, but it's not my responsibility if the stuff doesn't reach you (Sorry about that).
So... what are you waiting for? Get your entries in. I hope you're as excited as I am! ^_^

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Shades of Grey

A few days ago (the 13th to be exact) I went with my parents to the ITC Grand Central to watch a stand up comedy show by the famous Vir Das. I also met Ashwin Sanghi, my favorite Indian author there! (more on that here).

Here's what I wore-

Qi Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater  //  Mango Suit Sleeveless Cardigan  //  Lee Jeans  //  Paprika Heels  //  The Bombay Store Kashmiri Suede Embroidered bag

The only reason I cut my head off in the above photos is that I didn't manage to take any decent outfit photos before leaving for the show so I dressed up the next day to take photos.

About this fabulous Qi Cashmere top. I was out of home when the box came. My mom called, so I told her to ope it. She said is was lovely, & very soft! So I hurried back home to try it on, and sure enough, it was amazing! It's just so soft! And this is obviously my favorite winter top. I also have an amazing dress, Robin Rouched Dress ($105) in navy. It's so amazing, as winter is almost over I don't think I'll wear it this year, but I can most definitely keep it for next winter!
Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Ciara, Adrienne Bailon & Rihanna in Qi.
And the Mango cardigan... when I was out shopping with mom at Mango, she saw this cardi & urged me to get it. I was rather unsure, to me it was loose & didn't serve any real purpose (cardis are supposed to keep you warm, but how can this do it if it's sleeveless?) I didn't want to get it, but mom urged me to & I'm glad. I love it now! It's versatile & I already have a few looks in my head I can wear this with. Yay! Thanks ma.
The bag is from the Bombay Store. It's Kashmir suede & with lots of awesome embroidery. I had envisioned this as a casual bag. When I put this outfit together, as much as I loved how classy the dark shades look, it felt a little weird that this was devoid of color. So this bag & canary yellow nail polish on my toes add the much needed color.
The shoes have made appearances on my blog before. I love them but I can't be on my feet too long when I wear them (just not used to heels I guess) & I wore them here cos I though I wouldn't have to stand much. But we ended up being early & the ballroom wasn't set up yet so we had to stand outside for a while. My feet hurt so bad. :( But they're 4" heels so I was almost 5'10" with them. That makes me happy. :)
And now some random pictures from the day... (all taken with my iPod touch cam so they're not very hi-res).
I tried winged eyeliner for the first time,
& I think it turned out pretty well.
I find it rather amusing how it looks like
I have false eyelashes on in this photo, when all
I had was eyeliner & some mascara. 
I asked my mom to take a photo,
& she was a little unsure of what functioned
as the shutter button & she clicked this
when I was still shoving my lipstick in my bag.
So I uploaded this for laughs. tee hee.

Cranberry Juice + Vodka
The stage before the show.
Cranberry & Orange Juice.

So... that's all the photos of that day. It was fun, but then I spent Valentine's Day at home because I was hungover & had aching feet. I guess I need to be more resilient.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Picnic time

So... finally an outfit post. This is what I wore to a picnic with a bunch of people last weekend.
It suddenly occured to me that I haven't 'unveiled' this tattoo on my blog(s) yet.
So here it is- tattoo number four. (My fourth also happens to be my smallest! Go figure).
Got it just two days before Christmas.
Went in alone, without mom or any friends (I'm rather proud of that). Paid for it myself.
This photo was supposed to be an attempt to capture my kawaii panda earrings. Epic fail! :D
My clark's wallabees. I am not at all ashamed to say that this is my favorite pair at the moment.
Do you know they're actually men's shoes? 
Random decorative-palm-being-eaten-by-with-insect-holes photo.
I am really enjoying my 50mm lens.
c/o Zoo Uniform  t-shirt //  Lee Jeans  //  Clarks Wallabees  //  (self designed) Jim Morisson dog tag // Bead Bracelets from Kuala Lumpur  //  United Colors of Benetton wrist watch

And now for some picnic related blabbering. It was at a resort at Vasai (a place just outside Bombay limits) but I decided beforehand that I was not going to enter the swimming pool. So I dressed accordingly. Vasai can be so beautiful, with so much greenery & village style homes. It reminds me so much of Goa. We spent the day lounging about both indoors and outdoors (on a hammock!) and on random patio furniture soaking in the sun. And then I saw the horse. A woman riding a horse always reminds me of Xena, I know that Lucy Lawless came from a background of horse riding, but I will always think about how great she looked on Argo (or Daisy. Fans will get that reference). Anway, I wasn't too sure about riding the horse, this is just the second time I've been on a horse, and the first time it was less than two minutes! But the horse looked so well behaved and I thought I was rather appropriately dressed so I decided to give it a shot. The horse was wonderful, but somewhere past the first round that teen wrangler thought he would get some kicks seeing me absolutely terrified so he proceeded to run with the horse. YIKES.
I was holding onto the reigns for dear life, my right foot kept slipping out of the stirrups, and I kept thinking, "Oh my God. Xena was awesome." Also something like: "I wonder what's the worst injuries I could sustain if I fall" & "I can do this. I can stay on this damn saddle." Soon it was over, and I was just so glad to be alive & uninjured. Dear Bruce Campbell, I just read If Chins Could Kill... and I can now relate to what you went through during the filming of Brisco. Of course we cannot name this horse the Widow(er) maker because a) I am unmarried. b) It wasn't the horse's fault, really. It was that darn wrangler.
These photos are 100% unedited. That's right, other than cropping, I have done nothing with them and you can see them in all their raw glory. All the photography credit goes to my mom again. Thanks Mom :)
Also, I just realized that you can't really see the dogtag necklace I designed, so here's a photo from a while ago taken from on old blog post on Life etc. (almost a year ago!)
So... I am rather stressed with the upcoming final exams, seeing as how I am completely unprepared. I am going to de-stress by playing AOEIII & watching episodes of my favorite tv shows. So how have you been spending your time lately? I hope you've been having loads of fun!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Makeup | My First MAC product - Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that one of my new year's resolutions was to use more make-up! I've been coming across MAC outlets for years, & I've always stared from afar. There are two reasons for this- a) Their stuff is expensive, & I am a happily unemployed college student who doesn't intend to get a job soon! b) I've never really been that interested.
Anyway, I have seen their collections come & go. I am a sucker for cute stuff & pretty packaging, & I especially remember their Hello Kitty Collection in the Spring of 2009 (almost two years ago!)
I was browsing beauty blogs a month ago, when I saw a Cyndi Lauper lipglass by MAC. As you guys know I'm an 80s music junkie so I was ecstatic. But then I realized that it was released in Feb 2010 & I knew there was very little chance that the lipglass would still be available.
Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga for the Viva Glam campaign.
A few days after that when mom & me were shopping at a mall near home I half-heartedly wandered into the MAC area. And I looked around. Saw a the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, but wasn't too interested. And then I saw it. The Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick. I was so excited I ran to mom & asked her to get it for me. It took a bit of cajoling but soon I was gleefully leaving the mall with a MAC bag.
What I  really like about the Viva Glam range is that 100% of what you pay goes to a charity fighting AIDS. The funny part was that I didn't even care what color is actually was, just that it was Cyndi's shade (it even has her autograph embossed on the box & tube). Later on I googled & found that most bloggers described it as a 'wearable red'. I find it closer to a dark pink on my lips, but I love it!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lakmé Fruit Blast Face Washes & Face Mask Review

A while ago I mentioned that I have got four Lakmé face washes and one face mask and that I intend to review them. The review has been long overdue, and I have finally decided to do it. This is my first review, so any feedback would be appreciated.
Here goes:
Lakmé Citrus Rain fruit detox facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about the product: A rich and frothy facewash with a concoction of fresh mandarin and sweet orange. This high foaming face wash will sweep off the last trace of dirt to give your skin a Vitamin C rush that will release stress and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, zesty and re-energized.
What I thought: This has a creamy texture, unlike the others which are more gel-like. I loved the citrus fragrance, it works as a great pick-me-up, and it left me feeling very refreshed. My pores were clean and I didn't need moisturizer afterwards.

Lakmé Strawberry facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about product: The super fruit strawberries with Vitamin B and C leaves your skin smooth and youthful, while the micro-beads scrub away impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and delicately perfumed with fragrance of strawberries.
What I thought: This facewash is almost the same as Lakmé Strawberry Silk Splash facewash I used a few years ago. In fact, the fragrance is exactly the same. However, the texture is highly improved. Earlier the gel used to be somewhat fluid, but now the gel is much thicker, and is completely non-sticky. I loved the feel of it. It's a great daily facewash, as it cleans off the day's oil and grime, and yet I don't need moisturizer afterwards. (I have combination/oily skin. If you have dry skin you might have to moisturize).

Lakmé Berry Lush Fruit Energizing facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about product: While strawberries, rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants protect and nourish skin, the raspberry extracts will keep your skin soft & velvety smooth for a magical glow.
What I thought: The first facewash I tried of the lot. I have used Lakmé in the past, but I haven't used it for a while. Loved the fruit scent, just as all the others. This one has a strawberry/raspberry like fragrance. The texture is very similar to the Strawberry facewash, thick gel that is not sticky. I even asked my mom to try this, and her verdict was the same: great fragrance and texture, cleans out the skin without drying it.
Overall I would say there is not much difference between this one and the Strawberry facewash, just depends on which scent you prefer!

Lakmé Berry Lush Fruit Energizing facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about the product: A cocktail of muskmelon and watermelon in gel form that will deep cleanse, refresh and cool your
skin. Rich in Vitamin A, B and C, the creamy gel will lathers to transform your skin into never before
freshness, radiance and hydration.
What I thought: This is definitely my favorite of the lot, thanks to the fragrance. It is supposed to be a cocktail of muskmelon and watermelon, but everytime I open the tube, I swear I want to eat it. It smells totally yummy & edible. I think the scent is awesome and is great for both winters and summers. (Summer because muskmelon & watermelon are known to be cooling, winter because this facewash hydrates too!) This gel too is similar to the earlier two.
My overall verdict (of the facewashes): I loved them! They may not be from some fancy brand with big promises, but they are very reasonably priced & they still manage to be good. I loved the tubes too, they're all flip-tops. The fragrances are a big pro for me, but you might not like them if you aren't into fruit fragrances.
I will definitely buy them again!

Lakmé Pear Butter Deep Hydrating Mask (Rs 150 for 50gms)
Information about product: Rescue and rejuvenate rough, flaky skin with pears and pure shea butter. Formulated for deep cleansing and intense hydration, this mask complements any skin care routine. Soft, buttery yet grainy textured pears are rich in vitamin C and K that help revitalize your skin. Shea butter helps moisturise the skin, promoting cell renewal.
What I thought: This product has a thick creamy texture, reminds me of those super greasy face creams my aunt used. It looks white on the face at first but almost disappears a few minutes later. I must admit this was not as easy to remove as I liked.
Overall, if you ask me how much I liked this I would say 'not much'. It's not a bad product, but as I have oily skin this didn't do much for me. It's rather greasy. But my mom who has dry skin rather liked it. So girls who have dry skin will love this, especially during winter.
Will I buy it again? Not for myself. My mom, however might buy it.

Also, I would like to thank my mom for helping by trying these out too & letting me know what she thought.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Blooms

A cute package arrived for me a few days ago...
Winter Bloom Crocheted Fingerless gloves from NonasNote on etsy. Aren't they cute? :)

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