Thursday, February 20, 2014

High Quality Hoodies: Top 6 Most Fashionable High Quality Hoodies

The fantastic thing about hoodies are that they’re comfy, warm and practical. But sometimes you want all the benefits of a casual hooded top while still looking like a million dollars.
Hooded tops have come a long way since they became popular in the 1990s. No longer the oversized skateboarder top for lounging around, the best of today’s hoodies are classy, designer affairs that deserve to be shown off.
Here is our pick of six of the most fashionable hoodies.  

Exclusive Designer Hoodies at Great Prices

  1. Quemondo high-quality hoodies bring incredible designs together with top-quality materials and expert tailoring. These men’s and women’s hoodies are the perfect blend of quality and affordability. The hoodies are available exclusively online, so you’re sure to stand out in a crowd. These aren’t just any old hoodie, Quemondo hoodies have been designed to offer quality, functionality and style at a price that will make you do a double-take. Explore these new generation hoodies from Quemondo today with expert tailoring and top quality materials.
  2. We couldn’t talk about favourite fashion hoodies without mentioning Juicy Couture. This dazzling Neon Stud Velour Hoodie is enough to make the boys wink, and it’s not even in pink. This eye-catching top is a high-quality hoodie for dressing up your casual wardrobe. Juicy Couture is known for giving casual clothes like tracksuits and hooded tops the designer touch.
  3. The Denim Jacket Hoodie from Abercrombie and Fitch is well worth a mention. This fantastic fashion hoodie is one of a kind. Distressed denim is layered in a vest style and combined with soft grey cotton. This women’s hoodie comes in sizes 8 - 14. It’s bang up to date – we love it.
  4. Our favourite men’s fashion hoodie is from Hollister. It’s a stunning lime green hoodie that’s a heavyweight in the hoodie department. The El Pescador Hoodie features handy front pockets, a logo on the sleeve and seagull detail on the chest. The fresh green colour is so cool it could take your breath away. If you love wearing high-quality hoodies, you’ll fall head over heels for this one.
  5. If it’s a high-quality hoodie you’re after, you can’t go wrong with Alexander Wang’s Speckled Knitted Hoodie. The Speckled Knitted Hoodie is a comfy combination of your favourite cardie with the practical elements of a hoodie. This special hoodie will be top of your list of go-to casual clothes for years. Alexander Wang gives hoodies his own unique twist, producing high-fashion hooded tops for both men and women.
  6. For men, you just can’t go wrong with a Ralph Lauren hoodie. This Distressed-Flag Zip Hoodie is one that you’ll want to wear again and again. The edgy distressed look is offset by the stunning Union Jack logo on the front. Ralph Lauren hoodies for men and women come in a large range of sizes. In the men’s range you can get up to XXL depending on the style.

So there you have it, the winner of the most essential and aesthetically pleasing hoodie goes to Quemondo. Their online store has just opened and their exclusive boutique hoodies are of the finest material and style.

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